Bolton Clarke Enterprise Agreement 2019

The tug-of-war began during negotiations for a company deal with Bolton Clarke, which employs hundreds of nurses in its senior care centres. Mel Leahy, chief people officer, said the results reported on July 12 meant the organization could offer an agreement that would better recognize the value of all employees and ensure they would benefit from their national presence. The company proposed an annex that met the Victorian requirements of the RDNS contract and allowed existing Victorian employees to retain their rights. Victorian employees can also opt for the new agreement. “A single national agreement means we can be responsive and flexible when it comes to providing our employees with career and development opportunities and providing services to our clients and residents,” she said. The ANMF proposed a separate agreement for Victorian employees, which would retain the terms. Bolton Clarke withdrew from the negotiations in March 2019 and put his proposed two-stage deal to the vote in July. It was overwhelmingly rejected by staff. As this agreement covers all Bolton Clarke employees across the country, your union has established contacts with other unions to determine how they feel and what they are willing to do. It is also important that you see your views on the following issues: Vice President Hamilton felt that Bolton Clarke`s decision to end negotiations and pass the national agreement was legitimate. Our privacy statement is available on our website in If you prefer a printed version, please let us know by contacting us at (07) 3251 6200 or Lisa Fitzpatrick, AnMF Secretary, said: “Congratulations to our members at Bolton Clarke who are together and reject this disrespectful agreement.

a) if you provide us with personal data, including by completing agreements, applications, forms, surveys, competitions and questionnaires, or you communicate with us by participating in a discussion or forum or by e-mail, telephone, writing or in person; Negotiations on Bolton Clarke`s corporate negotiations are expected to resume in mid-October. The Fair Work Commission last week denied an ANMF injunction for Victorian employees, who will be covered by a separate agreement. Bolton Clarke`s staff are currently covered by five agreements, including the Royal District Nursing Service Ltd Victorian Operations Enterprise Agreement 2016 and the RSL Care Enterprise Agreement in 2015. The latest deal proposed by Bolton Clarke offers an unfair two-tier structure, with different salaries and conditions for nurses and nurses who do the same work. Within minutes of the hearing that began last week, QNMU representative Kevin Crank acknowledged that the NPAQ had the right to represent members in business negotiations. While former RDNS nurses stayed on the salaries and terms of their company agreement before the takeover, all new Bolton Clarke nurses employed in Victoria are paid less and have fewer rights under the queensland poor quality agreement. Under the Bolton Clarke proposal, former RDNS employees maintained their terms with a wage freeze until RSL deal rates were higher. The Queensland Nurses and Midwives Union (QNMU) wanted to ban the rival Nurses` Professional Association of Queensland (NPAQ) from participating in the negotiations on companies. .

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