Texas Residential Lease Agreement Month To Month

In many ways, a monthly lease for residential real estate works in the same way as a traditional lease for residential buildings. A monthly lease continues to cover certain bases such as the amount of rent, the deposit and the liability assigned to utility companies. The main difference between the two types of agreements is that the provisions of a monthly lease take into account the possibility that the tenant may not be a long-term resident of the property. Owners often want to show off their properties during the last 30 days of a rental period. With a monthly lease, it could be anytime. Let your tenants know that you can exercise this right to show the property to others, provided you have indicated in writing that you intend to terminate the monthly lease. Not all Texas leases apply to standard periods such as six months or one year. Some properties are rather rented “from one month to the next”. A monthly lease can be used whenever you want to have more flexibility with your rented property. For example, if there is a chance that you want to sell or move in yourself, a monthly lease would make it easier for you to do so.

If you accept pets, what type of deposit do you need? Will there be an additional monthly fee for a pet? If the tenant leaves, will he or she be responsible for the processing of fleas? These are all things that you should say very clearly, so that there is no confusion. Monthly leases give you more flexibility. However, you offer the same benefit for your tenants.