What Is An Account Disclosure Agreement

In addition, you knowingly and expressly agree that the application of a compensation of funds in an account includes the compensation of state benefits (such as social security and other public interest funds) deposited in your account to the extent permitted by applicable federal and state law. The True Blue® Direct Visa® card is only available to customers with checking accounts. With this Visa® credit card, you can use the card to access your checking account without having to write a check. This Section E applies to all transactions for which you use the ® Visa Direct True Blue card®. By signing your Card and each time you use it, you agree to be bound by this Section E, as amended from time to time. Interest cheques and interest-free current accounts consist of a current sub-account and a savings sub-account. The bank can regularly transfer funds between these two sub-accounts. If your account is an interest-bearing account, your interest calculation will remain the same. Otherwise, the savings sub-account does not bear interest. The savings sub-account follows the rules of our other savings accounts. This process does not affect your available balance, interest you can earn, FDIC insurance coverage, or your monthly billing. (back to top) We use the daily balance method to calculate interest on your deposit account.

This method applies a daily periodic interest rate to the principal amount on the deposit account every day.3. Fees Please contact us for the separate fee schedule(s) for any fees that may be charged to this account. 4. Transaction restrictions Once the deposit account is opened, you can make deposits or withdrawals of $10.00 or more to the deposit account at any time in person, at an ATM or by mail. Higher withdrawal amounts may be required at ATMs. ATM withdrawals are limited to $500.00 per day. You may not make more than six (6) payments by cheque or bill of exchange to third parties or by electronic debit or transfer per calendar month. This limit applies to payments or bank transfers to third parties or other deposit accounts with Capitol Federal, including ACH direct debits, pre-authorization or telephone transfers, overdraft protection transfers, point-of-sale transactions, checks, or paper projects. The restriction of six (6) checks or other third-party transactions per calendar month is monitored based on when the checks or drafts actually delete an account and not when they are written.

Withdrawals are allowed in amounts of $1.00 or more per cheque. Direct deposits and pre-authorizing direct debits are accepted electronically or by paper project (cheque) subject to the above limit. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to request a notice of withdrawal seven (7) days in advance. These disclosures are also available in Spanish (click on the “Español” link at the top of this page). Optional overdraft transactions. If you wish to include ATM transactions and one-time Visa debit card transactions in the Service, you must “register” (in other words, you must give us your confirmation consent). The decision not to register may result in the rejection of these transactions. You understand and agree that we do not require you to authorize the Service for your one-time Visa debit card and ATM transactions as a condition of providing you with the Service for other types of transactions subject to this Courtesy and Payment Service Agreement. If you wish Credit Union to authorize and pay overdrafts for one-time Visa debit card and ATM transactions, you must give us your consent by: (1) calling us at (626) 799-6000; (2) a branch visit and interview with a member services officer; or (3) Send a 990% opt-in declaration of consent.