Pantalone is a cheapskate, he does not approve of his daughter Isabella marrying a poor poet like Oratio, and he’s charging people to attend his daughter’s wedding. So, the wedding feast prepared by our friendly cook Burratino, is a variety of simple stews from a shoestring budget. Burratino is, however, a man from the Canton of Elvegast! We are famous for our spices and what magic can be achieved with a little planning! The stews for this feast may look simple on the surface, but you will love it when it comes time for dinner!

Stew #1) stufato di manzo (beef stew) gluten free

Stew #2) stufato di verdure (vegetable stew) gluten free/vegan

Stew #3) focacce olio, rosmarino e sale marino (flatbreads with olive oil, rosemary and sea salt)

  • gluten free bread option – TBD
  • olive oil bread dip
  • fig jam w/ honey and ginger
  • butter

Ingredient list provided at the event. Please email the autocrat if you need it ahead of time.