Welcome to the Festival of Elvegast – The Wedding of Oratio and Isabella!

On September 7th, come celebrate the Italian 16th century marriage of Isabella and Oratio!  As many of you have seen in the Commedia dell’ Arte plays portraying the lives of Isabella, her father Pantalone, her true love Oratio, her servant Arlecchino, and their many friends and neighbors, you know that Isabella and Oratio have been deeply in love and ready to get married for a long time! And now, the marriage day is upon us!

BUT LO! Tragedy strikes!  Isabella’s father Pantalone is not in favor of the marriage! He believes Oratio is not rich enough to truly be worthy of his daughter’s hand!  So, in protest, Pantalone is not spending a single ducat on this wedding!

“Those lovesick children are going to have to learn sooner or later that life is expensive! I’m not spending one shiny ducat on a wedding ceremony or feast or presents!”

The Canton of Elvegast, being filled with generous and romantic souls, has decided to throw a wedding celebration for Isabella and Oratio!  Come join the festivities and celebrate true love!

Martial competitions will engage teams of Groom’s Side vs. Bride’s Side.

Classes will be offered in various Italian marriage themed topics.

Italian dance opportunities abound!

The feast will be very simple, a cheap “Pantalone style” selection of stews intended to feed the wedding guests but not indulge them.

A special cooking competition, in the style of “Trial By Fire”, will be run by Mistress Annora Hall. Competitors will be required to prepare selected courses of a meal in “Pennsic style” without any electricity provided by the site.  Details about this challenge are available on the “Cooking Competition” tab.

Staff List:

  • Autocrat (Flavio) – Lord Maelgwn Morgant
  • Deputy Autocrat (Columbina) – Baroness Sophia the Orange
  • Gate Keeper (Pantalone) – Baron Manus MacDhai
  • Marshal In Charge (La Signora) – Mistress Elizabeth “Shrewlet” of Rosewood
  • Head Cook (Burratino) – milord Mikail Aziz Bin Yusuf Al Semiz
  • Lead A&S Coordinator (Olivetta) – milady Golda Smith
  • Classes Coordinator (Corallina) – Lady Gwenhwyfar Weale
  • Cooking Competition “Prova del fuoco” Coordinator (Franceschina) – Mistress Annora Hall
  • Chatelaine (Mirandolina): Lady Caitrina inghean Fhearghuis
  • Minister of the Lists: Lady Dýrfinna Freyviþardóttir

Wedding Party

  • Bride – Isabella
  • Groom – Oratio
  • Father of the Bride – Pantalone
  • Father of the Groom – Dottore
  • Matron of Honor – Columbina
  • Bridesmaid – Olivetta
  • Groomsman – Capitano Spavento
  • Ring Bearer – Arlecchino
  • Flower Girl – Mirandolina

Thank you for coming to our event!