We will have a feast!!! The Huntsmen will have been busy. We will be partaking of boar and the the bounty of the field and forest.

Please contact Magister Gaelan Mac Cuinneagain, so that he can consult with the huntsman, farmers, and foragers on what not to look for (e.g. tell them what you are allergic to). Magister Gaelan Mac Cuinneagain, OP, lordgaelan AT gmail DOT com

Feast tickets are $10 – The only reservation is a paid reservation. If you did not mail your reservation in with a paper check to the Exchequer, Master Manus, such that it arrives in the mail on Friday, June 2, you’ll need to arrive early on site to get a feast ticket. They’ll be sold first-come-first-served.

Feast menu:

Roasted pork with cameline sauce; Cauliflower with cream sauce; Mixed green and herb salad; Roasted chicken with sage sauce; Spinach fritters Braised/stewed mushrooms in wine sauce; Gyngere breads.

Please notify Magister Gaelan a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the event for any food allergies or sensitivity.