Welcome to an amazing Italian Renaissance feast!!!

Taming of the Shrew: Act 3, Scene 1

Kate “Gentlemen, forward to the bridal dinner!”

Petruchio “Goe to the feast, revelle and domineere!”

Please contact the Head Cook, Baronne Guenièvre de Monmarché, so that she can consult with you if you have food allergies. guenievre AT erminespot DOT com

Feast tickets are $15 – The only reservation is a paid reservation. If you did not mail your reservation in with a paper check to the Exchequer, Master Manus, such that it arrives in the mail on Friday, April 12, you’ll need to arrive early on site to get a feast ticket. They’ll be sold first-come-first-served. This feast has only 40 seats.

If you are new to the SCA, please note that SCA feasts require attendees to bring their own plates, cups, silverware, and other utensils. We informally call this “Feast Gear.” Unlike Gold Key costume loaners, we do not tend to have loaner feast gear available. Please come prepared.

Feast menu:

  • First Service from the Credenza
    • – Salad of Mixed Greens & Cucumbers (gluten free, vegan)
    • – Salad of Green Beans (gluten free, vegan)
    • – Cured pork cooked in wine, served cold (gluten free, contains pork)
    • – Piped ricotta with fruit (gluten free, vegetarian)
    • – Focaccia (vegan, contains gluten)
  • First and Only Service from the Kitchen
    • – Stewed Capon (may contain gluten, please confirm with kitchen if this is a concern)
    • – Thick Soup of Tagliatelle (vegetarian, contains gluten and dairy)
    • – Roulade of Pork (gluten free)
    • – The best sort of cabbage (vegan, gluten free)
    • – A dish of rice (vegan, gluten free)
    • – Mushroom sops (vegan)
  • Second and Last Service from the Credenza
    • – Artichokes 2 ways (vegan, gluten free)
    • – White Tart (vegetarian, contains gluten)
    • – Fruit with Honey (vegan, gluten free)