Martial Activities

“The Taming of the Shrewlet” will pit our beloved Baroness of Windmasters’ Hill (nicknamed “Shrewlet”) and her allies against those attempting to tame her!

Tournament designs will depend on number of combatants attending

Marshall Staff:

Marshal In Charge: Sir Bevan Bevan

  • Archery Marshall: Lady Caitrina inghean Fhearghuis (Veronica Yoshida) caitrinasca AT gmail
  • Thrown Weapons Marshall: His Excellency Thegn Eadulf Beornwald sunu
  • Heavy Marshall: Sir Bevan Bevan Bevanbevanofbevan AT gmail
  • Rapier Marshall: TBD
  • MOL: Lady Dyrfinna (Stephanie Taylor-Morgan) aine0021 AT gmail

The Festival of Elvegast serves as one of the Titan Tournament events. The winners of the Titan Tournament get to go on to the final tournament in September at Silver Chalice. Please contact Marion Leoncina da Susa, emissary and Titan’s Tournament Coordinator for the Crowns of Atlantia for questions. (Ellen Hopkins on Facebook)

Vicountess Marion Leoncina da Susa

And in our southern lands Themis holds her court
With Justice she oversees Elvegast’s List
A festival is coming all shall support.
The Titan winner shall be Themis-kissed!
With Honor and Justice all fighters comport
Themselves, “Good!” is heard, no shots shall be missed!
With this 7th Challenge we’re half way through
Atlantian Titans are called, how about YOU?!

Want to know more about the Titans?

Poem written by Vicountess Marion Leoncina da Susa